Short Stories Series (Classy v/s Sassy – Part 1)

Clink. The pricey champagne splashed out of the Tiffany champagne flute glass which now lay disintegrated into tiny pieces all over the exorbitant silk carpet Deena rested her heels on. Her deliriously flawless posture was clearly shaken by the gentleman she spotted entering her party a few seconds ago.

I think the AC’s too breezy. I’ll go grab a shawl, excuse me”, she mumbled with an embarrassed smile to the five amused faces looking at her glass drop antique during their super secretive conversation and left for her room upstairs in Sheraton, New Delhi. They had almost finalised on the strategy to take over the mining company in West Bengal for 4 million dollars and were about to narrow down on the dates when their CFO just walked out due to the AC being too chilly. The Board of Directors were stunned to say the least. They sipped on the expensive champagne and focused their attention to the live Jazz band hoping for their CFO to return soon.

Don’t look sad unless someones dead, it keeps the wrinkles at bay. Deena remembered the wise advise her Aunt Sharon threw her way every time she wore her worried expressions. Deena Kapoor was brought up by her fraternal aunt Sharon Kapoor as Deena’s parents were too busy expanding their multi-million dollar business into a billion dollar one. Sharon was happily single and more than glad to raise her niece with grace and class. There’s only one thing in the world which cannot be inherited, that’s class. It is a way of life, has to embedded deep inside your blood! Her aunt was the only parent she had through her adolescent childhood, tough high school and tenacious teenage days. Deena lost Sharon in a plane crash a few years ago, a loss she could never get over. But this helped her dedicate all her time to half of the billion dollar business she inherited from her parents. She ran her part of the business astutely with classy business acumen. Nothing less that could be expected from a Harvard Graduate.

Deena left the lounge area and waited for the lift to take her to the fifth floor onto her Presidential Suite. She shut her eyes annoyed to have seen his face but maintaining her casual smile nonetheless. Wrinkles need to stay away! She tipped the lift boy with a generous two thousand note, scanned her finger on the room lock and flung open the door. A gnarled smile welcomed her into the suite. A bearded man in his mid-thirties sat on the leather couch with his feet up on the glass centre table almost touching the stunning marbled carved centre-piece. The smile on Deena’s face disappeared. Having seen this face in the party downstairs was ridiculous enough to break her immaculately calm demeanour and seeing him inside her suite was too much for her to handle. She wanted to yell out loud, hell even throw the antique table lamp next to her onto his face. Always think twice before you yell, you don’t want to block those arteries with all that pressure in your blood. Heart surgeries are the worst! They leave terrible marks too! Aunt Sharon did have a way with words.

What are you doing my room?!“, she asked trying to maintain calm in her voice. A nerve popped on her forehead due to the boiling tension inside her which she  immediately addressed by taking a deep breath.
Your room? Excuse me? This room is blocked under my name!“, the bearded man took down his feet from the glass table and casually crossed his feet as he sat firmly on the couch. He studied her expressions – the smile was off, a half popped nerve on the forehead and her wrist was closed tightly. Classic Deena! 
You could check with the manager if you want, he checked me in himself!“, he continued tranquilly lifting his elbows to rest on the couch.
“I certainly will and I shall ensure you are escorted out personally by him!“, she threw her Chanel purse on the table next to her and stormed out of the room. This act of hers certainly amused a certain gentleman inside the suite.

After a fifteen minutes sabbatical with the hotel manager, Deena deduced the room was in fact booked under Mr. Kapoor’s name. The hotel staff misinterpreted it to be Ms. Deena Kapoor and handed her the keys. Deena had clearly checked into the wrong suite and it was time she handed the room over to the bearded weirdo who was technically already occupying her room. The hotel manager apologised and offered a suite at their hotel in Noida as their hotel was booked out by Deena’s company for their annual event. Deena felt another vein popping out on her forehead. How could she be such an idiot and not check if there was a booking for herself before booking out the hotel for the entire staff. Personal touch to the arrangements would delight the staff she thought- ugh she was clearly not jubiliant over her own organization skills. Beta always keep yourself ahead of your staff, they can be replaced – you can’t! Aunt Sharon had a mantra for every situation. One of the rare occasions Deena had not followed her aunt’s advice book and was regretting it by the minute. It’s only one night, she thought,  if I take the suite in Noida I would be stuck in taffic early morning while I dive back for the 7AM meetup. Deena made up her mind and returned to the suite finding the evil resting on the bed inside the one bedroom suite.

I’ll take the couch in the living room, you can stay in here”, she suggested picking up her Louis Vuitton Duffle bag, “Do not step into my territory!“, she warned still maintaining calm in her volume. It hardly sounded like a warning to the recipient though who reacted to her mumble with a huge smirk.

When have I ever broken the rules Ms. Kapoor! Except for the one time I threw you off the crib when you were a month old, gosh that was so much fun..”, he chirped.

How she wished she could bang his head against the huge metallic headboard of the bed he was slumbering on. Your actions define your class – she remembered! She tightened her fist around the strap of her bag and walked out like a calm duck would walk around a pond. Calm at the surface but peddling rigorously underneath.

Open this only when there’s no other way out! She had to plan her move – classy yet sassy. It was time to pull a leaf out of Aunt Sharon’s Devil book!

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