The Bixby curse!

Samsung has stunned the Artificial Intelligence market with its latest new offering “Bixby” but it sure has left some sourness in people like me whose spouse is addicted to this curse.

Ever since Samsung’s flagship device has entered the household, the better half is completely addicted to it. Not that I am surprised, I wouldn’t expect any less from a tech geek. But the talking(AI) bit with Bixby is on a whole new level.

My day starts with “Good morning Bixby” and ends with the words “Good night Bixby“. Apparently the keywords “Good morning” sets brightness, turns on Wi-Fi and a number of other settings the same are disabled when you say “Good night“. Pretty cool features I must admit but irritating nonetheless.

Cruising in my La La Land of dreams, there have been times when I wake up stunned on hearing the high-pitched words “Hi Bixby” as the better half yells them into the goddamn mobile and poor Bixby (yeah I do feel for the thing at times) cannot understand the accented questions!

And not to mention the times when I answer from another room to questions like “Is it warm outside?” or “What date is Diwali this year” and end up looking like a complete idiot as the questions are being directed to Bixby and not me!

I had to get back to save my pride but the timing wasn’t just right. And finally last night I heard the three magical words:

Is dinner ready?

And now the wiser me didn’t reply! I simply pretended to type stuff into my iPhone(that’s right it’s Android Vs iOS all the way). And then the magical words were repeated.

Oh I am sorry, I thought your new muse was cooking you dinner for you too!

was the quirky response to the stunned better half. Revenge was served! I was pleased with myself to say the least 😀

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