Beware, Gap ahead!

Scooting through those adolescent high-school years, how often have each of us come across the term “Generation Gap“. If you haven’t, then clearly you have grown up in a totally different world from mine and definitely not in India for sure.

Aunties raising eyebrows if your skirt were a couple of inches above your knee joints, uncles screaming on top of their voices if gully cricket was played beyond the “all-of-us-grown-ups-agreed” timelines. We’ve seen it all.

I remember being “super-teenage-judgemental” about people passing such remarks. The common phrase used amongst the younger lot to rubbish such comments was “Generation Gap“. These two words worked like magic on us impishly hurt souls.

Not to mention the rebellion which followed those thoughts, a shorter skirt for that nagging aunty teamed with a spaghetti top – Touche! The extra guy appointed in the cricket team turns into a loud commentator in the next match – Ha burn uncle..! The satisfaction of those rebellious acts was prodigious. Like “rubbing-ice-over-those-wicked-burns” gratifying!

Fifteen years later, I must admit those wailing kids are a definite “pain-in-the-ass”. Hang on! Before you judge me – if your client asks you “Are you in a Zoo?” while you are trying to explain him a very serious issue over a conference call while Working From Home, definitely qualifies for being judgemental about those brats. Not that I regret calling names to those adults when I was younger, but I must admit they weren’t totally wrong in what they did. P.S: I still don’t like that aunty scanning my skirt like I was walking disrobed on the road.

When I judge school kids in the train, on my way to work, talking about cellphones, the internet and that sexy person in a web-series, the word “Generation Gap” comes hounding back at me. I force tell myself – Hey I am way cooler than those adults who’ve judged me! At least I would like to believe so.

Awww my GAawwdd your watch is so sick!“, I hear one of the girls say. I raise my eyebrows and pass her a disapproving look. You are sick, I respond with my eyes.

Google helped me understand she meant it in a good way, she was actually appreciating my watch. Crap! She could’ve said it nicely – like that’s a really nice watch. Since when did “sick” become a cool word! I wonder if she could see the same adult in me which I saw in others more than a decade ago. Ouch! Even the thought of it hurts.



Well, I don’t look a percent cute as this guy looks when he’s sad but anyways sulking on the thought of being an adult, I look into my phone and stumble on this image below:



My loud laughter gathers a disapproving look from an old lady seated opposite me. Hush! Everything is okay in my world now.

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