Decoding “Lakshmi Bomb”!

The better half claims I am his lucky charm, so be it filling up forms to apply for that superb rental apartment or ordering a coffee, apparently if I do it, it’s always better!! Initially I thought “How sweet is that!” only to realise this is all a faux. Smart ass is just being lazy. Well, that and also the astrologer we consulted said so too! Looks like he’s rolled luck up his sleeve ha!

Haven’t we heard the whole “My woman is my Lakshmi” chants all our lives?! Well, mine claims I am his “Lakshmi bomb”! I wonder if that was a compliment or I literally scare him, either ways there isn’t much he could do about it, can he?!

The modern Indian woman – let’s see what is she really made up of?!

Modern values with traditional tadka – Check!


Mutlitasker : Work, House chores, handling all calls – Check!


Party scenes – Check!


Compassionate – Double Check!


Occasional place of worship visits – Check!


Gossip-o-meter – Kinda check!


So all you men out there, we hope you know what you are walking into this complex paradox of a woman! Beware she might blow your mind with the assorted skills she has!!


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