The art of letting GO!

They say it’s easier said than done. I say is it really?!


Let’s get to the basics questions:

Had a heartbreak? Was it a terrible breakup or even worst – a divorce?


Lost someone really close? A pet, your close friend or family?

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Did you get fired? Almost got a promotion but lost it to a lesser deserving colleague? Yearning for a job but your employer won’t call? Your friend is doing way better than you but your grades were always more?


Let’s face it, to each its own! Everyone you see is fighting their own battles. But let’s question ourselves, is it really worth spending so much time and energy on something that is only creating negativity within you?

I know what you are thinking:


Well things are as easy or complicated as you make them be. Trust me, it is as simple as that.

When you don’t question all the good things that come your way unexpectedly, why treat the unfortunate events any differently?

Things/Events/People that happen in your life are meant to be, as hard as you may try to have it any other way, they would always happen the way it’s meant to happen.

It isn’t easy, but how many things you have done so far in your life have been easy?

So, how do you deal with it?


It will hurt, hurt as hell may be. The slightest mention of the turmoil will bring to surface innumerable emotions you want to run away from. But it’s better than torturing your soul every second by running away from it. Give those legs some rest, stop running away from reality. Face it and get over with it. Talk to your closed ones, pick up that phone and just ask for help.


Talking to yourself is the best therapy one can get. Help yourself in the best way you can. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing, it is therapeutic. Do what you think is needed to get you back to track. Go for a long vacation, medidate, listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite movie, catch up on the latest eposide of your favourite series.

Doing those things wouldn’t magically erase the memory of things you have been through, but it will ease the pain for sure.

It’s okay to smile while you are in pain. Let people judge you all they want, they would judge you even when you are sad. Stop doing things for others, take a break and do things for yourself.

People come and go, reality is you have to live with yourself as long as you are alive. So love yourself with all that you have. Only when you are happy, can you spread happiness around. Always remember you like to see happy faces around you, so be one!

As hard as it may sound, let things go. Ease that grip on the rope you are holding onto so tight, the rope marks on your palm need to heal. Only when you let go would the healing begin. Take it as an experience, it has taught you so many things. You would never be the same person as you were when you entered that situation, but that’s okay.



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