Short Stories Series (The flying bride – Part2)

“Kormangala”, Sowmya instructed the Airport cab driver as she threw her backpack and seated herself at the rear of the hatchback. Sowmya could barely breathe by now, she requested the driver to turn off the AC so she could get some fresh air through the window next to her. Sadly, the chilly Bangalore weather seldom helped her palms from sweating. Tapping her foot nervously she gazed at her completely transformed hometown as the cab spurred through the Bangalore traffic.

Would he recognize me? What if he refuses to let me inside his house? What if he has kids already? Is his wife prettier than me? 

Her brain was crowded with infinite questions. She couldn’t find any pictures of his family on Facebook. She tried, tried real hard, but there was nothing! As the cab entered the plush Kormangala society, she convinced herself of what a terrible idea this was, she pulled out her phone and looked up for flight timings out of Bangalore.

I could go to Goa, nah I would die of boredom! Delhi may be, back to the Air Base? Harris would fire me! Mom and Dad’s?! Long overdue emotional overdose it is! But first I need to tell him why I took off from the wedding. And see his wife may be?!.

She stared at the apartment building as the cab halted outside “A” wing. The cab driver passed her a puzzled look as her body language showed no intentions of exiting the cab. Handing him the cab charges she got out and headed towards the lift, she had to see him. She didn’t know why she had transformed to being so righteous, probably it was her air-force training or the it was the urge to find out who he was married to, either ways she had to do this. Damn you moral values! Or perhaps jealousy?! Damn you!

Her heart pounded loud and alarmingly fast as she hit the doorbell labelled “IAS Aditya Singh”. Act cool you fool, she scolded herself. The door opened in thirty seconds. There he was! Handsome as ever! Has he aged backwards? Is that biologically possible?

“Sowmya?”, Aditya queried looking at the black shirt-jeans clad woman frozen at his door. He was expecting her, but she came sooner than he imagined. Sowmya didn’t move.

What is she thinking? What could anyone possibly think of an ex who was dumped more than a decade ago? She still looks stunning! Oh my gosh, it is really her!

“Sowmya Rao!”, Aditya clicked his fingers before her eyes, “Ah Sorry, Flight Lieutenant Sowmya Rao. What brings you here?”, he questioned with a slight grin.

Sowmya was shocked, Aditya stroke the living daylights out of her. He knows? Of course he does! Her acceptance as India’s first female fighter pilot made National headlines. Why is he so undisturbed to see me? He is married to someone now, that is why you idiot!

“Look Aadi, I don’t want to cause you any trouble. If you could call your wife, I would like to do this in front of her. I don’t want any misunderstanding in your..”

“WOW! You have some guts! You ran away from the wedding leaving me a pathetic sticky note, I deserved a letter at least! Never mind! I sent you at least a thousand texts but you never replied. Now, one deserted wedding and ten years later you storm into my house and demand to see my wife! What were you thinking?”

He is right, so bloody right! What was I thinking. Let’s go Sowmya, this was a terrible idea. He is happy, so are you. Well you aren’t exactly “happy happy” but you have a rocking career, that counts! You will probably work for the next thirty years and die at seventy all alone in an Airforce granted quarters. This was your choice, so live with it.

Aditya’s insanely loud luagther brought her back to reality. Has he turned insane? Did I do this to him? Jeez, he is actually laughing. No, no this is ROFL level laughter! What has gotten into him? He needs a psychatrist, definitely needs one.

“Look, I did not mean to order you around. I thought I owed you an explanation and it would be best if we had your wife around. I really don’t understand what exactly do you find so funny, but this is a humble request. Could you please call her?”, Sowmya appealed with a low tone.
“Well, I would but doesn’t one have to marry to have a wife?”, Aditya replied cheekily.
“But your FB status!”, Sowmya bit her tongue. Damn I shouldn’t have said that, this is so stalker-ish Lieutenant .
“Samir made me do that! And before you ask, Sam is an under cover agent who works with my department. And he is one of my closest buddies too! He suggested the status change on FB would drive you straight to Bangalore. ”

Sowmya  was stunned, ecstatic and angry all at the same time. You are so dead Sam! And Aadi is still single! 

“Why did you…How did you know I wouldn’t marry?”, Sowmya stammered as her eyes turned moist. This doesn’t go well with your tough Lieutenant image Sowmya, don’t cry you hopeless romantic clown.
“Well Sowmya Rao, you wouldn’t make an ounce of an effort to impress anyone. I was pretty sure of that”, he lunged forward and held her hand,”You were, are and will be stuck with me for the rest of your life!”

Sowmya fell on her knees and suppressed her urge to cry. She looked up into Aditya’s eyes:

“Will you be my co-pilot for Life?”

“Only if you’d asked 10 years ago!”

“Is that a Yes?”

“In every language there could possibly be!”

No matter where life takes you, loves always flies it’s way back!

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