Movie: Dangal
Category: New Age Indian Film Industry
Cast: Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Zaira Wasim, Suhani Bhatnagar
Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Music: Pritam

In case you do not know much about the sport – Wrestling, this movie will stimulate enormous amounts of respect for the same. In a country like ours, where sports is not even considered as an option for kids to make a career in, this movie will hopefully inspire aspiring parents to alter their mindset.

Dangal, although embodies a very predictable storyline of two girls who advance to become gold medalists in Wrestling, the director manages to capture the tiniest of nuances with absolute conviction and oodles of comic narration.

The movie begins with Mahavir (Aamir Khan) ripping off his shirt and getting into a fight with one of his co-workers over wrestling trivia. Mahavir takes you through his life journey of fathering four daughters hoping he has a boy who could fulfil his fragmented dream of winning a gold medal in Wrestling for India.  Losing hope he could ever father a son, he gives up his dream and locks away all his accomplishments only to realise his daughters could fulfil his dreams too. The rest of the movie takes you through a father’s journey of training his daughters, the challenges he and his family face from the society and how each of them overcome their discomforts.

The most admirable part of the movie is the father-daughter camaraderie captured by the director. How a father has faith in his daughters in a small town in Haryana and his implacable efforts to ensure they grow up to be the best wrestlers in India. Even the minute details like ensuring his daughters are fed with chicken so they get enough proteins, even though he hails from a strict vegetarian background is quite commendable. The nuances shown of the two girls of how they miss being their own age and dressing up like their classmates is poignant.

The child prodigies have performed their roles flawlessly. Both the girls have displayed exemplary acting skills. You do not for a second sense they aren’t professionals in their sport. Be it adorning fear and hesitation for the torturous fitness regime they have been put into or planning rebellious acts against their father, you absolutely adore them in every frame.

The young girls have put up a chaste performance. The efforts they have put in is clearly visible. The only fret I had was the movie was focussed on one of the girl’s journey and very less light was thrown on the other one.

The show stealer was Aamir Khan, having absolutely given up his glam look and adorning every bit of the raw retired wrestler. The urge in his body language of a worried father and a focused coach was quite palpable. He proves yet again why is “The” method actor of Indian cinema. Arguably, he has and will drive most of the audiences to watch the movie.

The music and lyrics are quite situational, they compliment the theme of the movie very well. A special mention to the art director and the minute detailing done during the course of the movie.

Nitesh Tiwari has put in a very interesting comic take in the movie, quite contrary to the serious treatments sports-based movie receive. Here is one director we all should watch out for!

Rating : 3.5/5




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