Movie : Befikre
Category : New Age Indian Film Industry
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor
Director: Aditya Chopra
Music: Vishal-Shekhar

Statutory warning: If you firmly believe in the Yash Raj genre of romantic movies, this one will rip your chest, slap your heart and nudge your brains on why did you have such colossal expectations from the director who once upon a time sculpted our all-time favourite movie. Why the comparison you say? Well, if you have committed the sin of giving most of the Indian movie fans one of its all-time blockbusters, the baggage will follow! Sincere empathies Mr. Chopra!

Befikre has all the ingredients of a picturesque, extravagant feel-good movie. There is just this one main ingredient which was given a miss – a decent story.

The movie takes off (Pun totally intended) with our Delhi boy Dharam (Ranveer Singh) landing in Paris to pursue a career of a stand-up comedian for Desis in the revered French land.  He storms out hoping to run into a Firang girl and live his fantasies, only to meet Shayra (Vaani Kapoor) who’s a Desi brought up as a Firang. Cupid strikes and he chases her- finally winning her attention a couple of dare sequences later. Sanity dawns on them a year later and they realise how much of a misfit are they in each other’s lives.

Breakup and a year later, the duo explore a possibility of being friends and help each other out in their respective love lives. The whole “Can Ex-es be friends?” bit has been capitalised in a very modern and less-melodramatic way by Mr. Chopra. How Dharam and Shyra deal with their friendship and love lives is what the rest of the movie is about. Very predictable – just saying!

Ranveer Singh is to this one as Shah Rukh is in any of his romantic gigs, he lives the part and makes you fall for the lead character real hard. I know I am again entering the comparison zone, but hey this a Yash Raj Production – period. Ranveer makes you believe why is he lusting around women, why does he not want his ego to fade and why does he want to avenge his ex-flame with total conviction. Be it sporting a playboy diamond studded boxer or swirling around the dance floor in a tuxedo, he definitely has Class!

Vaani Kapoor looks every bit of the Videsi Desi combination she’s been cast to enact. Her French sounds convincing (this is coming from a total ‘no idea of French whatsoever’ person). Her dance moves are kickass, so is her screen presence. Way to go girl!

The side actors were so on the SIDE, you barely can connect with anyone. It’s all about Dharam and Shyra.

Though the movie boasts to be a rom-com, I for one did not find anything funny in any of the comic sequences. Especially the one inside the church which I believe was shot hoping the audiences would giggle their hearts away but the director actually drives you far far away from the screen.

The music is catchy so is the background score. Camera angles and animation are truly scintillating.

Mr. Chopra has definitely tried to capture the moods of a modern romantic love story and you do appreciate his craft of creating those sparkling romantic moments between the lead pair, however, the story is on a ventilator breathing through the oxygen being pumped in by the lead pair and ultimately gives up its breath.

Rating : 2/5


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