Good Men Do Exist!

P.S: No drama, no philosophy, let me come straight to the point. Good Men Do Exist.

In the wake of men being criticised for being male chauvinists and ruthless towards women, let’s take a moment to look around and appreciate the morality that lies within them.

I am not renouncing the fact that the male gender misuses their physical and psychological  strength in certain situations. Having said that, we cannot overlook the fact of the goodness they spread along with it.

The Father:

Being the only child to my parents, never did my father treat me like I was a less abled gender or that I had to compromise on certain privileges which my male friends had over me.

The Brother:

Though not related by blood, I do have a lot of brothers. Besides donning a protective cap never did they make me realise that I was in any way lesser fortunate than them. On the contrary, they always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and stood by me to support my decisions in life, be it personal or professional.

The Husband:

This one may sound biased, but this man has truly supported my career like no other. Always thinking ahead of time and wearing no ego while I progressed towards my aspirations. For me, he breaks most of the stereotypes of a man thinking he is supreme. As he says, a woman should earn respect for the ways she behaves not merely because she is a female.

The Friend:

Hailing from a co-ed, I have always been comfortable having male friends. Right from my school days until today none of my male friend’s shot me down declaring I could not play a sport or race because of my gender. Skills yes but never for my gender. They are as vulnerable as my girlfriends and at times more honest than the former.

The Colleague:

Though I’ve encountered mixed experiences in this arena, I would want to mention the good ones. Be it soliciting help for my technical/non-technical skills or allowing me to lead initiatives, these men have looked beyond my gender and regarded me purely for the person beyond my skin.

I am all gung ho for women empowerment as some sections of our society really needs this movement to rise above the stereotypical thinking.

However, we fail to appreciate the goodness the men bring along.

A heartfelt thank you to all the men in my life!

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