Tint of Bravery!

It was yet another day of catching a train to work and the usual struggle to find a seat until my station arrives. My work is a 30-minute train journey and usually, I have no luck finding a seat at least until 15-minutes into the journey.

Not today, I found one next to a lady as soon as I entered the carriage. She was in her mid-20’s, dressed in business formals adorning her glasses whilst reading a book. Little was I cognizant of the impact she would have on me in the next 30 minutes.

I followed my customary routine, plugged in my ear pods and hit a dhinchak number on the Gaana app. Few minutes into my song, I noticed she was sobbing looking into her phone, reading a text perhaps. The emotional me wanted to ask if she was okay, but my experience over the past 8 months in this foreign land restrained myself from doing so. People here like to be left alone, moreover, it is considered inappropriate to “nose” into others business.

People in the carriage looked at her as if she were an over-emotional girl who cannot control her tears in a public place. Some even made faces! Little did she care.

She started looking for something in her purse, pulled out the silky pouch of her sunglasses and wiped her tears. They weren’t stopping soon. She kept wiping them and pulled out her phone and started typing something. It started with typing from a single hand, she then held the phone with both her hands and typed something with more valour. She then put her phone down, got out some makeup and fixed her face. She finished it with wearing glasses and walked out with sheer confidence.

I did not know her, neither do I know what her story was. But the impact she left on me and other on-lookers were astounding. We all need a little bravery in our routine. It could be bravery for waking up and inspiring yourself, bravery to eat healthily and avoid the junk which keeps attracting you, bravery to take that extra mile to accommodate your hobbies in your routine or bravery to overcome your emotional turmoil in general.

Overcoming your animosity and smiling for yourself rather than the world around is the bravest thing one can do.

We all need a little tint of bravery in our pallete of life!

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