Happy Bhag Jaeygi

Movie : Happy Bhag Jaeygi
Category : New Age Indian Film Industry
Cast: Diana Penty, Abhay Deol, Jimmy Shergill, Ali Fazal, Momal Sheikh
Director: Mudassar Aziz

Imagine Geet from Jab We Met minus her quirkiness, Punjabi accent and energy. That kind of sums up the lead character Happy.

Happy is supposed to be a bubbly, charming and over the top Amritsari kudi who is being forcefully married to Bagga(Jimmy Shergill), a Corporater madly in love with the former. Happy loves Guddu (Ali) and strategises a real no-brainer plan to run away with him which lands her in Pakistan right into Billal Ahmed’s(Abhay Deol) house. Happy’s journey back to meet her beau with help from Billal, his fiancee Zoya (Momal) and a Pakistani Cop (Piyush Mishra) is pretty much the rest of the movie.

Well, purely as an audience I did not fall in love with Happy and neither did I find her “Jo bhi use milta hai, woh uske pyaar mei pad jaata hai” kinds which as per Guddu is her USP. In fact, I found her annoying and dumb.

You would imagine Happy in most of the movie but she seldom has a few scenes. As the movie progressed into the second half, I was contemplating if she was even a side character! No offence, but Diana doesn’t really look Punjabi who can pull off suits with the same swag. Her dialogues did not match her expressions and vice-versa. You do not really feel bad that she isn’t with Guddu, partly because the director did not convince you how much she wanted to be with him.

However what saves the movie are the border ke paar characters. Abhay Deol pulls off another brilliant performance as a “living in his father’s shadow” budding politician who loves cricket but gives it up for obvious reasons. Piyush Mishra adds a good humour quotient with his impeccable urdu lines and antic expressions. Momal perfectly plays a possessive fiancee who gently transforms into a supportive one.

Jimmy delivers another one where he loses the bride but not his dignity. Typecast alert?! No complaints, he does well! He has some funny dialogues to support his adversities, especially when he addresses the DJ at his sangeet “Acha gana baja, tere bhai ke Shaadi hai!”.

The director manages to entertain you throughout the course of the movie only if he had a better editor to support his efforts.

The music isn’t catchy, you wouldn’t add any to your playlist for sure!

Rating: 2.5/5



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pragati says:

    Nicely written shreya …..Very good light hearted comedy movie…… Especially loved acting of Diana Penty , Abay deol , Jimmy shergill ..much better than high budget movies 😊😊… Must Watch with Family

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes 100 times better than prem ratan dhan payo

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Bhavya Bajpai says:

    Well written Shreya..I totally agree with u.. 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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