Movie : Dishoom
Category : New Age Indian Film Industry
Cast: John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Saqeeb Saleem,  Akshaye Khanna
Director: Rohit Dhawan Music: Pritam

There’s a genre of movies which are cliche and then there is a genre which falls in the good kinda cliche. Dishoom subtly lands itself in the latter category.

The chemistry between Varun and John is astounding. It briefly reminds you of the “Main Khiladi Tu Anari” analogy but this one’s treated with a lot of swag and panache.

Rohit Dhawan takes you through the journey of kidnapping India’s star batsman (Saqeeb) amidst a tournament played somewhere in the Middle-East. To highlight the high-profile kidnapping, enter Ministry of External Affairs who sends her top officer (John) to solve the case. To add some moolah she affixes a couple of Deshbhakti provoking dialogues.

Cut to Middle-East where John enters in total style throwing around his weight as a kickass cop who means serious business. He runs into household chores serving cop (Varun) who has been good for nothing so far in his 2-month stint with the police. John finds his match, he needs a no-brain applying tour guide who could cruise him around the city to track down Saqeeb. What follows is a wild yet a very predictable chase with absolutely no dull moment until the end.

John is cast in this one with perfection. His personality does complete justice to the toughie cop and he pulls it off with decent acting.

Jacqueline adds some glamor while helping the boys track down the cricketer with her convincing cuteness and sharp dancing skills.

The highlight of this movie for me was Varun. His dumbness is so annoying yet you end up feeling sorry for the guy. He is evolving in his acting and dancing abilities with each movie. You want him to come out as a hero despite all his ludicrous acts.

Saqeeb and Akshaye have played their parts with due diligence. Although you feel the villain’s character really stopped developing after a point. Had he been more defined, you would like the heroes doing their bit even more.

Rohit’s done quite a kickass job with a crappy script. I would definitely want to watch more from this director. Pritam churns out some good numbers, only if he had better lyrics!

As the name spells, this one’s got a lot of action and chase sequences. There are flying bikes, jeeps, helicopters and even boats. Well done action masters!

A definite watch.

Rating : 3.5/5


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  1. kunjan11 says:

    Hmmm …. will watch it for sure … And that worst ever song (varun and Pariniti) made in bollywood history …. I hope it’s edited ….


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