Sultan Bhaijaan

Movie : Sultan
Category : Bhaijaan’s Indian Film Industry
Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma
Director: Ali Abbas Zaffar Music: Vishal-Shekhar


Let me start with giving a heads-up, this one isn’t for Salman fans who like his swag and moves or his dancing(which never matches with the background dancers, just saying!). He has actually pulled off quite a decent performance as an Indian “mitti ka” wrestler with total assurance.

Ali Zaffar takes you on a predictable journey of an underdog man who rises in love to become an Olympic winner wrestler. His lady love wants to change the fate of women in Haryana by winning a gold medal in Olympics for Women’s wrestling. He woes her by learning to wrestle and qualify for the state-level hustle. Few songs and a wedding later she gets pregnant. Her father/trainer snaps!

Enter cheesy line, “Papa, Sultan hai mera gold medal!”.

Ok! Dudette, Story writer, director….Are you kidding me?! The storyline is based in the current era. If she was such a focused wrestler, didn’t she know about protection! Anyways, moving on.

Couple of fake wrestling sequences against wrestlers from different countries later, Sultan emerges as a national hero. Enter arrogance, pride and misunderstandings. Tragedy enters and Sultan quits wrestling, only to be discovered by Amit Sadh who wants to save his Wrestling Show by relaunching him. What follows is a typical Bollywood storyline where the hero gets his way through his career and his love life.

Salman has acted one of his career bests in this one. No over the top fights, no flying cars and no cheesy dialogues. He is a raw desi Jatt who almost makes you believe his tragical love story.

Anushka tries very hard to convince you of her wrestling abilities, given her lean body structure. She is more than a muse and has a very substantial role compared to the other Bhaijaan movies.

We could have done without Randeep in this one, he adds zero value as Sutlan’s trainer. He keeps chewing something for most of the scenes and displays no abilities of a good wrestler/fighter either.

Ali Zaffar has managed to bring out very realistic performances from his actors, only if he had written a better story!

Vishal-Shekhar have churned out a couple of good songs (Esp. Jag ghoomeya), rest of them, I was wanting them to get over.

I am going with 2/5, out of which 1 would go to Sutlan Bhaijaan’s heart touching performance.


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  1. kunjan11 says:

    It was a complete entertainer 😀 … i enjoyed it.
    Anyways .. you forgot one thing … How can a novice wrestler who doesn’t know anything about wrestling becomes a probable world championish wrestler **in just one month** ??? Howww ??? ….

    Rest all movie was good … !!!


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