Lazy Lingo!

In my adult life so far, I have seen some real lazy stuff happening around me.

People are lazy about working – in general, cooking, driving and even about eating food.

Just when I thought that the list is pretty much done, I hit a new discovery… Lazy about pronouncing an entire word! Like literally they have their own version of shortened English words!

For example:

Afternoon = arvo
Expensive = exy
Position = pozy
Middle-sized = middy

What is the fun in completing a word, let’s hit a new level of laziness and leave it half way. That too with utmost pride and dignity.

I ain’t making this up, you could google for Aussie lingo and find “heaps”(that’s short for A Lot) of websites showing off these words with utmost details.

So if you want to fit in while conversing with your Aussie colleagues, you better get well versed with these words.

There is a sharp possibility that everyone cracks up in middle of a convo(short for conversation…you will catch with up it soon!)  and you end up fake laughing as you have no idea what those words meant.

“It’s election time, did you chose your polly?”, the bearded Aussie colleague questions.

Before you even think of polly to be a poll booth or the near by polling zone, allow me…a polly is short for politician.

My puzzled look gave him the incorrect signal, he goes : “You are such a bludger!”

Bludger is short for a person running away from responsibilities. By the time I googled what a Bludger meant…He vanished!

“What a wowser!!!” (I’ll leave you to google that one)


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