Brains @ Work!

There are days in office when your workload is low and the music coming in from ear-pods which usually helps you focus on work starts sounding absolutely boring.

I decide to give the ear-pods some rest for the day and start hearing conversations from real humans around in the office.

“There’s going to be a black superman in the next movie, that’s what my son told me is it true?!”, queries a colleague.

The pretext is the latest Batman vs Superman movie I assume.

“Yeah, when she buries his body with black soil, it’s actually a metaphor for injecting life into his soul. How could you miss that!”, exclaims the other participant of the conversation.

“Mmm…Maybe because I walked out during that scene!”
There was a minute silence after that…I swear.
“WHAT! How could you walk out man, its the batman series..”
“Jeez…Relax! It’s not that big a deal mate.”
“I’m outta here…”, he walked away.

I try very hard to put my 23 brain cells(Well I am not sure I have that many) at work and recall watching the movie, nope still couldn’t figure why there could be a black superman.

Funny as it may sound, all these characters are driven by an author who creates them, kills them at his fancy and makes them re-alive. And if the author clicks, millions keep guessing what would happen next in the story.

Game Of Thrones(GOT) is the latest in this re-alive race. Just when you start liking a character, even if he is a villain….he’s dead in the next episode. Seriously?!

Talk about giving opportunities to the entire Television fraternity! I am sure if they put together the entire cast of the GOT, they would sum up to the population of a small scale country.

Don’t judge me here, I am a huge fan of Sir George R. R. Martin, but letting go your favourite character in every second episode is like eating an amazing dish in a restaurant….loving it to no limits and secretly craving that you want to come again….then someone breaks it to can’t go again….the chef who made it that well has quit. Come on man!

Just when you digest the fact that the character is dead, the author decides ….you can’t get away that easy…make some use of those brain cells which are getting rusty….he makes the character re-alive. Your brains are muddled around football ground, you think you are heading towards the goal and the forward attacks you…passes you to long ball…steps over you…just when you think you finally get off the field…throws you back in.

You end up thinking…am I playing the game or being played here! Hmmm!

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