Mexican Stint

Post a long Easter weekend, the office committee decides to host a Mexican feast for all employees on a minimum tariff. Gracias!

The set-up is impressive, a live BBQ cooking meat in the cafeteria balcony and a spread of veggies, meat and various sauces inside the cafeteria. The serving staff have fancy Mexican hats and live Mexican music to grove on.

We line up waiting for our turn to be served. Fetching for some dollars, I head to the lady serving at the counter:

“What would you like to eat?”

Being the only dish I know, my brains want to say Nachos!! but the bowl is surprisingly small and I was pretty sure that would not fill me up. My eyes caught tortillas (Mexican for a huge round roti) served out in a few plates:

“What is that?”
“Burritos, you want this one?”
“Er, yeah.”
“Would you like some beef?!”

“This is a crime, you will land in hell!”, something was screaming inside my head.

“Nope, no meat. Veg please!”
“Some beans on it?!”
“Yeah, may be”
Handing out a thermocol plate with a tortilla in it she goes, “You know what, I will leave you to make your own serving. Enjoy!”

I serve some kidney beans, rice, tomatoes, lettuce topped with some sour and avacado sauce. Looked like a royal mess and nothing remotely close to the picture of a burrito hung in the cafeteria.

I looked at the picture and back into my plate, “Why doesn’t it look like that?!!!”

Apparently burrito is little donkey in spanish. So I was eating one feeling exactly like one! Rice, raw veggies rolled up inside a roti!

Talk about trying new cuisines!!!

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