I always fancied the idea of wearing high heels and presumably the only time I cursed my 5″8 inches of height.
It is probably one of those things which you always long to have but simply cannot because you would end up looking like a complete Idiot!
Heading to work, I am in a jam packed lift, secretly praying nobody comes running trying to get into the lift after the lift doors have attempted to close five times in a row.
Sixth time it is! A familiar lady barges into the lift, stumbling towards her right.
“Darn, my Jimmy Choo!”, she cries looking towards her feet.
The 11 odd people in the lift look at her feet which are now laced with a red sandal and a broken heel.
She stares at her heels for a minute in despair, takes off the sandal from her other foot and “Click”, off goes the heel!
The lady was working on my floor and I had seen her storm around meeting rooms with a lot of poise and confidence.
Today was different, the poise and confidence had been left with the broken heels inside the lift.
So heels not only make you feel amazing from within but also bring in the natural feminine poise within you.
I guess it answers all my missing confidence queries now!

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