Memory Eraser

Being a Software Engineer by profession, I get to deal with a lot of installations and un-installations of software’s as a part of my job.
“Would you mind removing that software so we could bring in the latest alternative we discussed in our meeting yesterday?” orders the boss.
Staring him hard inside my brains, I continue looking at my desktop monitor and pass an affirmative nod.
I went through an entire week of efforts in getting that software installed and now you conveniently want it erased. Why don’t you do it yourself?
Well had you known how to do it, you would’ve know the pain of undoing it too! Excuse my innocence please.
Makes me wonder, wouldn’t our lives be heaven if we had the option of erasing our memories selectively.
Especially those unpleasant memories, when you think you would excel in an exam and you end up scoring equivalent to the bunch of kids who hated your guts since you were more on the intelligent end.
Or the one when you think the dapper one in the class is interested in you when in-fact he is eyeing your best friend.
Yeah, that one I would definitely want to erase(Shift+Del) with no hopes of recovering it from the Recycle bin.
The one when you think you’ve found the most perfect looking dress, you are already wearing it in your mind and feeling extremely beautiful showing it off. Darn, the shop doesn’t have your size.
When you break the glass screen of your brand new phone while picking up a silly snack from the table, Ouch that one still hurts so bad.
Well may be you can’t erase them for a reason, probably you have worked so hard to make a memory that erasing it would just take away the labor you had put into making one.
It may not be a good one all the time, reminds you of the agony/mistakes/bruises, you are just a bit more careful in similar situations the next time around.

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