The Proposal

Walking along the street near my office, I feel the place has turned shimmering red.
The shops around are bustling with bright red roses and fancy worded cards, apparently it is Proposal Day!

The boys around the train station with their Adidas kicks and Nike bags are holding fancy wrapped up gifts trying to locate their muse in the huge crowd heading home from their workplace.

The girls all dressed up in red and black themed dresses with fancy watches are beaming with their red roses.

Most girls fancy an extravagant proposal from their soul mate and dream about how perfect it would be.

Being a hopeless “Yash Raj”(These are a series of super cheesy Indian romantic movies) fan all along, I had similar balloon of expectations from mine.

Let me be honest, I was never a red roses loving or a teddy bear hugging kind of a girl during my college days… So you can imagine picking up gifts for me would have been a nightmare for my better half (That is right, we were college sweethearts).

I really do not have any fading memory of receiving any proposal, it was fairly a mutual decision to barge into each other lives and stay together.

Back on the road, walking a few steps ahead I notice an old lady teary eyed on a bench with her man standing by her.

A proposal, a promise to stand by you each passing year without any remorses!

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  1. Think this is the best one so far 🙂

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