Turning 18

Been setting up Kindle on my new iPad the entire night hoping to put it to use during the travel back home.

Trying hard to put my head into this book and concentrate on what’s the writer trying to place in my brains, but the gossip around is so intriguing that it catches my attention instantly.

Three friends (colleagues may be) are discussing how they celebrated their turning 18 fiesta.

I was out with my boyfriend and my best friend covered up for me, the blond with the golden Rolex confessed.

I was so sloshed, I had to go see the doctor, came in the declaration from the Asian origin Aussie lady sitting next to me.

I try to remember mine, was way back in college in broad daylight with my sincere bunch of girls over a dead lunch at the “nearest to the home” Shetty restaurant.

Back to the train, the only guy amongst the three bunch of friends would faint for sure after hearing my chronicle.

Why you ask? Well, he couldn’t stop cribbing over the square plates in his brand new dinner set his mom brought for him and how he thought it was from the year 2000.

Do I really want to think if I was even aware that plates could be square shaped back in 2000, I wanna go break the glass window next to me in the train and hide someplace safe.

My boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic, he declares. The girls scream out so loud, for a second the old gentleman behind us had a acute cardiac arrest.

I faintly remember the glass shaking too! I may be exaggerating here but the look on the ladies face were startling.

Pretty similar to what you would feel when you watch your son quitting on his favourite food you cook coz he needs to lose some weight.

The outcry ended and I could see the old man heaving a sigh of relief, secretly wishing he had missed this train.

The reading went for a toss with a despairing turning 18 birthday memory!

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  1. Shekhar says:

    Mature one…..refreshing


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