The Review

Sailing high on my writing abilities i decide to take a bold step, get a review done!
Reviewer is this ex colleague cum friend of mine whom I respect for having blatant views about political and social happenings and to top it all is an outstanding writer.
I think his first reaction was…. you a blog writer?! Your kidding right… although let me admit he was really supportive and willing to review my fractured writing.
It’s like when parents react when kids come up with “I wanna be a aeronautical engineer when i grow up” look.
They give you an encouraging pat while secretly chanting in their minds “Kid, clear your math exam this semester… we’ll talk later”.
I could be exaggerating here but I was as nervous as a movie star would be when the critics are writing reviews about the work they have done. (Yeah, there was a secret desire to be in the movies but thank God I realised that would be a disaster)
The reviews were out and the depth was unsurpassed.
Overall tone was encouraging enough to keep me going…. So yeah kinda relieved it’s done and dusted with!
At times all you need is a reality check to keep a tab on where your are heading.
Thank you buddy!


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