Aussie Day, the Aussie Way

Heading out towards the city from our suburb on Aussie day, we witness a fleet of vintage beauties speeding down the road.
The self-regard went for a ride while trying to pronounce the car brands…Trying to gain some dignity back, I managed to read out a few with success and decide to give the rest a pass.
Turnout at the event is staggering, I must admit I have not seen such huge amount of people in totality over the past few weeks here.
The sheer energy and vehemence of the crowd makes you feel so kickass!
People from various cultures, traditions, countries, races and ages are wandering around, not knowing what to expect but excited for the fireworks.
Sydney even has it’s own language(The aboriginal folks a.k.a the original tribal folks of NSW communicated in Sydney language ages ago)…who would have known!
The national anthem was played in Sydney language and English…goosebumps for sure.
Highlight of the day were the fireworks, especially the music and lights synchronisation, the entire city came to a shimmering standstill!
So yeah we celebrated it the Aussie way!

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  1. Kunjan says:

    What an awesome description! Short and sweet … I would really love to be the part of this celebration some day.. Cheers …


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