Dabba Saga

So the dal from my brand new lock and lock is all over my Micheal Kors bag, talk about branding!

Attempting to clean up the bag first, then the new dabba (which btw I am super pissed on….don’t claim to be a huge brand when you can’t get your locks right) I spread out my lunch on the desk.

I have a few peeps from my team mates anticipating I will offer some food, so yeah the kinder me emerges out and I hand out some sabji roti.

So this bread, you cook it yourself? That is amazing…the first one goes.

How many can you make at a time? My manager could eat 20 at a time…Is that possible? Huh? What is he a glutton bag!

Answering the questions I reach out to my food and start eating.

So that’s it? You are not offering us more? Reminds me of my ex-colleague who blatantly refused food when offered but made sure he ate almost half your food!

Hey, you can eat some of mine…says the Asian colleague handing out some sushi…so cross culture lunch is fun ha!

What are you getting tomorrow for lunch…gasps another colleague….Fake smile alert!

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