The Choppy MiSfIt

At this fancy Japanese restaurant with the team, lunch to welcome me in here or something like that.
Colleague suggests a Tofu dish post gazing staggeringly at my “being a veggie for a day” declaration.
So you don’t eat meat for a day each week…Are the meat shops closed in your land? Or are the veggies cheap on this day? Shoot me!
Finally the food arrives in huge bowl with a soup spoon and the lovely chopsticks(Uncomfortable alert).
To give you some background, I have been to restaurants before with chopsticks but they were the fourth option stuffed up next to the classic spoon, fork and knife.
So I look around and everyone instantly pick up the chopsticks and start binging the food.
Me a little embarrassed, slowly reach out to the saviour of the day…the plastic soup spoon and attempt to break the tofu in my bowl and fetch some rice from below.
Get the first puzzled look from the Asian sitting across me, giving a very fake smile I stare back into my bowl…What am I eating!
Everyone around is so comfortable with these sticks, its like listening to music…so effortless.
Get a sigh of relief when the Japanese gentleman to the left puts his stick down…woah talk about being under pressure!
Hello to YouTube chopsticks lessons for sure!

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