That is correct…that is what they call headphones in the Apple World!
Allow me to confess….I am huge Apple fan, like deep in dirt…wet in mud and drenched in rain kinda fan.
However coming on the other side of the world(nah…I don’t mean Aussie Land)…
What I really mean is coming to the Android world (Thanks to the better half who was relentlessly insisting that I switch) I realise that having earpods does not matter because duh uh…you have an android phone.
Even the school kids here own fancy Apple phones and you are so looked down upon…thanks to the Android you hold.
Not that I care…dude I got Bluetooth and No more ITunes…Felt like I could breathe again after being on Life Support for 3 years.
Steve and his gang didn’t know for sure they were inventing a swagger series of products…which the kid in front of me is flashing to his muse and guess what…he hits a jackpot!
So yeah, earpods with an android works for me! Thanks Apple!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bhushan says:

    I totally agree with you…
    The quality they give is really altogether a different experience.


  2. Welcome back to the right side of life 🙂


  3. kunjan11 says:

    The IOS is something beautiful what apple wants you to have … And the Android is what you want it to be … An Apple phone may be “What Makes You Elite” kinda, however an Android phone is the true smart phone, which defines you … As you can customize it to almost replicate the one in you 😀


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