Curious case of Aussie coins

We have been taught numbers in incremental order, at least my mathematics teacher did. Apparently they have some surreal mathematics going on here in this country.
Why you ask? The biggest/heaviest/gigantic heavy coins(cracked up my leather wallet…ain’t forgiving that coin soon) here is 20 cents and the smallest is $2.
(P.S: If you are new to Australian coins…they have plenty of denominations…right from 5c, 10c, 20c upto $2.)
Try paying in coins at the store…you think you have all the change to render since you wallet is stuffed up with infinite coins and bummer…. you have $6 20c but still 10c short. Darn!
It wasn’t embarrassing enough that you took up all that time to figure out the denominations on the coins and all that and to top it up you ate up the queue time..
Ultimately the lady at the counter renders you change giving an uncanny look. You foreigners…barging into our country without doing any homework!
Well lady excuse me if I am used to smaller and much light weighing coins….haven’t forgotten my torn leather wallet…have I!!

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