Brissy Blues

My weekends are pretty much spent in making this Australian Airlines more wealthier, not that they need any of my money but the better half is insistent I do so.
Getting to the airport from work is a task, I change two and a half trains before I can get there.
Half? Yeah the walk between 2 platforms on a certain train station makes it half a train journey for sure.
This station is the one similar to the one which takes to Hogwarts, try jumping into one of those walls and boom! No kidding you literally boom and then bam… you’re flat on your face. I didn’t try that, eh!
Heading towards the airplane, the air hostess looks curiously towards me… like she’s saying…You again?! Are you planning an attack of some sort? Lady, please look at me, right now I couldn’t attack an ant.
The warmth you feel once you land in Brisbane is unsurpassed, even the airport is so warm, no kidding!
I head towards the train station and there are 3 gentleman waiting to assist you, like seriously? Are you from the same country where Sydney is in!
The lady at the Go Card greets me with the warmest smile, inquiring how my flight was….please stop! This place is unreal.
Heading my way home, the better half comes to receive me….he’s warm too…Ha! Talk about the Brissy effect!

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