New Girl in the City

Tak Tak Tak, the streets are bustling with sounds of high heels and rushing footsteps.
Everyone is running around here… some to the office, some to drop off the kids, some to school and some are literally running…fitness I assume.
Making way between them I try to make sense of the Platform numbers at the Train Station, they all look the same and the directions are specifically written to confuse the hell out of you.
Finally I get into a train hoping it will take me to my destination. The train is full of curious people, deep into their phones with earphones on and looking away from each other.
That is a rare sight for me, for where I belong, trains are the most noisy and the epitome of socialising with your fellow passenger.
As the train passes over the Harbour Bridge I anxiously peep over the Opera House shining bright in sunlight and suddenly realise nobody around me even moves an inch to look outside.
Either they are too proud to be a part of this city or too sad of their lives…how can you not look at the Opera House!
Its lunch and I am wondering which land have I landed in, I do not know any of this food! I thought pies are sweet, how could you possibly stuff Chicken in a sweet dish!
Roaming around I finally come across an Indian takeaway place but the food looked like its been there for months so I give it a pass.
Finally land at a Sub place and binge on some bread and veggies, reminds me of my mum…how proud would she be to know I am finally eating all the veggies she ever wanted me to eat.
Back to train station to head home, why is everyone running…is there a fire! Would you home doors be bolted away if you get there a minute late? Yeah seriously, why is everyone running.
One day old in a New city!

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